Important Information about your MyFibre NBN Connection

Some fairly significant changes with your NBN service this month - March 2017

We are switching over to an authenticated connection type, which means that you will need to make a couple of changes in your device which is connected to the NBN NTD.

Once you have made those changes you can swap your data connection over to the next UNID port.

Read on for more information about setting up for specific connection types.


If you experience any problems with your NBN service over the next few weeks, please contact Mike directly on

1800288871 - opt 2
or, better yet by email

What Does MyFibre Offer?

We offer a comprehensive set of plans & services, which cater for all internet users.

Check Internet Plans from $59.75 per month. Check All plans have Static IP address. Check Free Home Network Gateway with all new services on 24 month contract.
Check Phone only Plans (UNIV) from $49.75 per month. Check Fixed Wireless also available. Check Internet & Phone Packages available with three levels of included calls.
Check Shaped or Unshaped. Check Fixed Wireless speeds 12/1 & 25/5. Check  All Aussie Owned & Operated.
Check Sizes from 10GB to 1000GB. Check Fixed Wireless sizes 10GB to 1000GB. Check All Aussie Support.
Check Speeds from 12MBpS down / 1MBpS up
to 100MBps down / 40MBpS up.
 Check Fibre to the Node coming in March 2016 Check Trusted Internet Service Provider - providing services since 1996.


MyFibre is new, but backed by a company who has been bringing you quality internet & phones for well over ten years.
With the rollout of the NBN network, we decided to extend our helpful & friendly, all Aussie, service to this new technology.
We are passionate about all things internety & all things computery.

And we don't think that we have to be excessively formal to bring you a great service either!

There is a lot of confusing (& frankly misleading) information out there about the NBN, with various providers & political parties having their own particular barrow to push.
We call it like it is!

And we believe passionately in making the technology work the way it is designed - not by cobbling together old stuff & just using the NBN Fibre as a replacement service delivery method.

That's why you don't need to have a copper based landline if you have the fibre.
That's why you don't even need a modem to connect - just plug your computer into the NBN box & you are online.
That's why you don't need VoIP hardware for your phone. The NBN Box has ports for phone - we use them - just plug in your handset & start making calls

You won't have heard about us before now, but that doesn't mean we are some dodgy fly-by-night company.

And our fibre network is backed by the giant of the Aussie ISP world

Take a look at our other websites - LoCall Australis, Rivertel. - we've been bringing services to Aussies for a long time now & we have thousands of happy customers.

We can also provide you with non NBN network based services too - Mobile Phones, Hardware, Websites & Hosting, Mobile Wireless 3G internet & more.

What's more - if you have a question or concern, you can ask to speak to the owner - Mike - because he is 'hands-on" & always available to help his customers.