Important Information about your MyFibre NBN Connection

Some fairly significant changes with your NBN service this month - March 2017

We are switching over to an authenticated connection type, which means that you will need to make a couple of changes in your device which is connected to the NBN NTD.

Once you have made those changes you can swap your data connection over to the next UNID port.

Read on for more information about setting up for specific connection types.


If you experience any problems with your NBN service over the next few weeks, please contact Mike directly on

1800288871 - opt 2
or, better yet by email

NBN Fibre connections are available in 6 sizes

They are:

Plan Size
Photos* Movies* Emails*
small 10GB

Small - 10GB

Available in Fast & Faster Only

 2,000  10  133,333
medium 50GB

Medium - 50GB

Available in all speeds

 10,000  50  666,666
large 100GB

Large - 100GB

Available in all speeds

 20,000  100  1,333,333
xl 250GB

XL - 250GB

Available in all speeds

 50,000  250  3,333,333
xxl 500GB

XXL - 500GB

Available in all speeds

 100,000  500  6,666,666
supersize 1000GB

SuperSize - 1000GB

Available in all speeds

 200,000  1000  13,333,333


 How much data do you need?

An easy question which is surprisingly difficult to answer!

*A typical digital photo is around 5 MB, a downloaded movie about 1GB (that’s 1000MB) & an email around 75KB

1 GB = 1,000MB = 1,000,000KB (approx)
As you can see even 20GB per month is a lot of data by most people’s standards


Here are some typical uses & suggesed plan sizes

Used For Suggested Size
  • General browsing
  • Email
  • Internet Banking
  • Facebook
  • occasional YouTube
  • General browsing
  • Email
  • Internet Banking
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • occasional downloads
  • streaming media
  • occasional gaming
  • General browsing
  • Email
  • Internet Banking
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Downloads
  • Streaming Media
  • Gaming
  • General browsing
  • Email
  • Internet Banking
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • heavy Downloads
  • Lots of Streaming Media
  • Heavy Gaming

 Some technical guff about our plan sizes.

Do your plans have peak & Off-Peak?

No, they don't. You can use your data allowance anytime of the day without worrying about what time it is

Do your plans count data in both directions?

Yes, they do. We count data in both directions

Are there Excess Usage Charges?

Default No, certainly not. Once you reach your data limit we slow your speed down.

Speeds are reduced to 256Kbps*

Optional Yes, you can opt for a plan which has no shaping but charges you $3.50 per GB that you exceed your limit by

Data usage is measured from 28th to 27th of the following month

* Shaping speeds are also Theoretical Maximum Network Speeds, once shaping has been applied. Please read more about "Real World" Speeds & the factors which will effect them here