Important Information about your MyFibre NBN Connection

Some fairly significant changes with your NBN service this month - March 2017

We are switching over to an authenticated connection type, which means that you will need to make a couple of changes in your device which is connected to the NBN NTD.

Once you have made those changes you can swap your data connection over to the next UNID port.

Read on for more information about setting up for specific connection types.


If you experience any problems with your NBN service over the next few weeks, please contact Mike directly on

1800288871 - opt 2
or, better yet by email

This section of our website gives you some important information about how we support your service.

If you are having any problems with your connection you should call us on 1300 722 050

You can also open a Ticket in our ticketing system, if you still have internet access

We will need to know the following when you call:

  • The nature of the problem
  • The status of the lights on your NTD (Network Termination Device)
  • If you have a router - we need to know what it is & the status of it's lights
  • Also, if you have a router it is a good idea to switch it off for a few mins & back on again to see if that fixes the problem

You can submit a fault report by using the form here

 Please ensure that you are a MyFibre customer prior to requesting support. If you are, you will receive a monthly invoice from Rivertel/ My Fibre, & have a 6 digit account number starting with "3".




Telephone support is available

Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm,
Saturday 9am to 5pm &
Sunday 10am to 4pm.
Closed Some Public Holidays.

Call 1300 722 050

select option 1 (NBN support)
then option 1 (Internet Support)
then option 2 (NBN)









typicalhngtontd tn Typical Connections between your Home Network Gateway & the NBN Network Termination Device
telephone-service-icon Phone Service
Features & Guides

Click Here to download the PDF NBN Fibre Users Guide

Courtesy NBN Co.

home network gateway

All about your Home Network Gateway






Getting Started Guide

Watch the Getting Started Guide on the NBN Co website,
to get an overview of your nbn installed equipment,
what's included and information around what your new equipment does.

Quick Start Guide

Watch the Quick Start Guide on the NBN Co website,
& follow these easy steps to get your nbn™ connection
up and running. Find out who to call, how to plug in your equipment, connections to make and which lights show the system status.

 Safety Warnings

Watch this video on the NBN Co website to make sure you are aware of these important safety warnings.

The Network Termination Device

The nbn™ Connection Box is a Network Termination Device (NTD). Find out what your nbn™ Connection Box does, what the ports are for and the indicator lights tell you. Also find out how to tell if your nbn™ Connection Box is working on backup battery power.

Your power supply and battery backup unit

Get an overview of the power supply and battery backup unit. Find out what the system status lights on it mean, how the battery backup works, how to activate the emergency power supply and what alarms you might hear.

Battery replacement

Find out how to replace the backup battery in the power supply and battery backup unit.

Battery Back Up Service Information

If you choose to have the nbn™ Power Supply Unit with Optional Battery Backup Service (pictured above) as part of your installation, it comes with the battery when it is first installed into a home or business.

Maintaining your equipment

Take a look at some handy hints about how to look after your nbn™ equipment.


Having trouble with your nbn equipment? Find out what checks you can make before calling us.

Videos on NBN Co Website, Courtesy NBN Co.